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The main activities of the Directorate of Soil Conservation will be
o           Soil & Water Conservation
Soil & Land Capability Survey
o           Soil Erosion Control Measure
o           Soil Analysis and remote sensing
o           Prevention of shifting cultivation
o           Training of Soil Conservation personnel
o           Conservation of natural resources
o           Integrated development of natural as well as social resources
o           In situ moisture conservation
o           Sustainable farming system
o           Adoption of ridge to valley approach
o           Due emphasis on production enhancement activities for land owners and livelihood
          support for landless families
o           Democratic decentralization in decision making
o           Transparency in transactions, mobilization of community at the village level
o           Direct funding to the community
o           Emphasis on “Government” participation in “Community’s” plans
o           Contributory approach to empower the community
o           Building upon indigenous innovations
o           Initiatives and ideas
o           Equity for resource-poor families and empowerment of women
o           Moving away from subsidy oriented development to self-reliant development
o           Convergence of activities / schemes of government and non-governmental         
o           Tree Plantation including plantation of Cashew, Coffee, Sisal
o           Development of pasture
o           Soil Conservation Demonstration Centre
o           Testing and amelioration of Soil
o           Agro-Economic Survey in the Command Area of different irrigation Project
o           Soil Conservation Measures such as contour bunding, nala bunding
o           Gully control structure, water harvesting structure, stream bank erosion control,
          farm ponds, silt retention dams, bench racing, stone terracing
o   Maintenance of existing coconut, pineapple, spices and others farms developed by
          the Soil Conservation Organisation.

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